March CviLux Product Update: USB-C Connectors

Spring is right around the corner. The CviLux team has been working hard, preparing to spring into action to help serve your USB-C connector needs.

As one of the original creators of USB Type-C devices, CviLux is continuously striving to develop new and unique innovations while maintaining the highest quality. Using a sleek, low-profile design, these USB-C connectors are compact, reversible, fast and powerful. These durable devices can hold up to 10,000 cycles. Additionally, CviLux offers improved EMI and RFI mitigation capabilities and can power up to 100 watts of power at 20V. All our parts are USB and UL certified, RoHS compliant and more. We offer many unique USB-C styles to suit your application needs.

We offer a ton of resources to help you decide which USB Type-C connector solution is best for your customers’ needs.

👉🏻CviLux CU Series USB Type-C Product Information: drawings, specs, packing information and more

👉🏻 CviLux Group USB TYPE Connector – CU Series ( brief video illustrating our CU Series connectors

Need more info? Please reach out for a product guide on the CU series parts listed above. We also have flyers available in digital format, so just let us know and we can email you.

As always, the CviLux team is always available to answer questions or assist you in any way.

All the best,
CviLux North America Team ☘️