Discover Circuit Protection Designed with PDUs in Mind

Carling Technologies offers a complete line of circuit breakers which protect against unnecessary power outages while providing design features that exceed even the most stringent requirements. They are also ideally suited for the rigors and confined spaces found in today’s power distribution units and rack systems.

Low Profile Circuit Breaker
The J-Series provides high levels of circuit protection and is ideally suited for high power density applications. It is available with a variety of actuator styles and terminal options to suit many requirements.
Tandem-Pole Circuit Breaker
The TB-Series is a space saving, tandem pole breaker designed to fit a two pole breaker into a one rack unit. It is designed with a common trip linkage ensuring if one pole trips, the tandem pole simultaneously trips. 
High-Performance Circuit Breaker
The N-Series features easy accessible load and line terminals and sliding barriers for effortless installation. With the integration of an optional current transformer, it is capable of sensing current down to a level of 1%.